Our values

Actions speak so much louder than words - our values are the driving force behind « the way we do things at Dynvibe »


    We Dynvibers are a pack. We get things done together, and are always looking for new ways to work as a team. A diverse team of 9 nationalities & 15 languages.


    Striving for the highest quality is deeply rooted in the foundations of Dynvibe, and in what each and every one of our team members brings to their work.


    Probably because we're a startup, and certainly because it's one of the key strengths of our founders, agility is at the heart of what we do and of our approach with clients.


Meet our Founders

Anne-Cécile and Nicolas Guillemot are the powerhouses that started Dynvibe, on a strong intuition, in 2009.
What intuition? That social media was becoming an incredibly powerful sounding board for brands to understand consumers, and more importantly, the people behind the consumers: their wants, needs, frustrations, but also their lifestyles, values, sources of influence...
Fast forward a few years later, and they're steadily building a company whose mission and team they are proud of: to make the voices of consumers heard, because they're the ones who bring major change by expressing themselves on Social Media.

  • A world in one team

    Based in Bordeaux, our team is made up of around 30 Insights Crafters of 9 different nationalities, to better understand and analyze consumers. In the office, we speak a lot of languages. We especially love that we can just as well discover Taiwanese traditions, taste new Korean recipes or listen to stories from Mexico! Our team is backed by a strong network of 80+ international experts – they’re natives living all over the world and help us ensure the insights we deliver are grounded in the fine understanding of local cultures.

  • If Dynvibe was...

    We asked each and every one of our team members to describe Dynvibe in their own words using analogies. If we were...

    • A room? The kitchen because "something's always cooking"!
    • An everyday object? A swiss knife with a compass, the perfect duo.
    • A time of day? Morning, for sure, because anything can happen, we're ready!
    We are agile, explorers, determined, loyal and we care!

  • Make things together

    At Dynvibe, we do things as a team. Mixing talents and the best of every one of us is how the most brilliant ideas emerge and great projects succeed. We love it! Whether we are Insight Crafters, part of the IT team or even Marketing, Sales or Human Resources, we capitalize on the strengths and differences of each person by working in Squads. These sub-teams are made up of people with various jobs titles who work together on motivating projects.

Our story

  • 2009 Sea, sun and social media

    The Dynvibe story started 17 000 km away from France, on a morning walk on Bondi Beach, with a take-away coffee in hand. Sounds cliché, but it's 100% true! Dynvibe SPHERE was the first brick in the building.

  • 2011 Intensifying the voice of the consumer

    At that time, brands only focused on monitoring their reputation. But consumers were already yelling out strategic insights. We created Dynvibe Intelligence to help our clients better understand their customers and their market.

  • 2013 From beach to vineyards

    Our home country (and our customers!) were calling us back. Bordeaux became our French Sydney: an entrepreneurial vibe, dynamic startup culture and network (and nearby beach)

  • 2018 A new era begins

    Dynvibe LIVE was released in 2017, after 2 years of research and development. An exclusive platform to explore and understand online consumer tribes, people’s lifestyles, interests and values.

  • 2019 Celebrating 10 years!

    In 2019, we celebrated 10 years of Dynvibe: a team size doubled each year, growth in the double digits right from the start, we've built an international network of over 80 consultants throughout the world. So much to be proud of and grateful for, we took the team on a trip to the desert for 3 days to celebrate!

Vibrations by Dynvibe

We've just launched our new podcast!
Each month, join us for a discussion on the latest trends and consumer behavior shifts we explore in our studies.


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