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  • No preconceived notions
    Consumers express themselves freely and spontaneously. We do not use questionnaires or research panels in our analysis.
    Qualitative verbatims, photos, videos, drawn from various social media sources.
  • Significant volumes of data, in real time
    Our analysis is based on representative samples of consumer mentions, collected in real time, and filtered with artificial intelligence tools.
  • An international vision
    Our platforms gather consumer mentions from all over the world. Over 80% of our research is carried out simultaneously in multiple countries.
  • Fast turnaround times
    The easy access to data and the agility of our processes allows us to deliver results in a few weeks.
  • Recommendations and support
    Several meetings (from kickoff to delivery and presentation) to better advise and overcome concerns.


  • “Fragrance primers” answer the key lasting need in the US
    • 05/2022
    • BEAUTY

    “Fragrance primers” answer the key lasting need in the US

    Some products have appeared on the market to meet consumer’s high expectations in terms of scent lasting, while consumers also find ways by themselves to meet this main need. Indeed, their enthusiasm for fragrance hacks through skincare shows that there is great potential for a hybrid fragrance skincare.
    On TikTok, the hashtag #fragrancehack generated 19,8M views, and mainly shows consumers who share their hacks for longer lasting fragrance through skincare: they apply vaseline, body lotion, or body oil on their skin before spraying perfume. Their videos for lasting hacks tend to generate between 500k and 2M views. Consumers appear to understand the importance of hydration and skin prep to boost fragrance lasting.

  • The hashtag #AccidentallyVegan helps UK and FR users identify unsuspected vegan products
    • 05/2022
    • FOOD

    The hashtag #AccidentallyVegan helps UK and FR users identify unsuspected vegan products

    Especially in the UK and to a lesser extent in FR, vegan consumers are systematically on the hunt for new products, be they from dedicated vegan ranges or just regular products that happen to be free of animal products. For the latter, exist the hashtag #AccidentallyVegan where users list products that were not intentionally created to be marketed to vegan eaters (and thus, not especially advertised as vegan).
    That way, some products, such as Oreos, Bisto gravy or Speculoos have gained “cult” status amongst this community of vegan users, being sometimes life-savior products due to their ready availability in shops and not just in specialized vegan shops. Removing a small ingredient and creating a new “cult” item would guarantee a solid fan base.

    Louis Spenale Louis Spenale


  • Multifunctional stick balm : a new go-to anti-aging solution in Korea
    • 04/2022
    • BEAUTY

    Multifunctional stick balm : a new go-to anti-aging solution in Korea

    Multi-functional stick balm (also called «ampoule stick balm») is a highly concentrated serum stick that targets dry and wrinkled areas and is rising in Korea since last year. This versatile moisturizer is seen as a real skin glow enhancer and wrinkle remover by Korean people. Many local brands (Kahi, Missha, d’Alba, AHC, …) already seem to be joining the stick balm game.

  • “Euphoria-inspired makeup”a bold take from Gen Z in China
    • 04/2022
    • BEAUTY

    “Euphoria-inspired makeup”a bold take from Gen Z in China

    “Euphoria”, a hit American teen series released its second season in the US in Jan 2022. Although no official distribution is available in CN, many young netizens follow it through VPNs. They enthusiastically share the storylines on social media: #Euphoria reaches 370M and 45M views on Weibo and Xiaohongshu respectively. In addition to its popularity, the unique makeup style where lots of glitter, sequins and eye colors are applied, is also a hit on social media. Beauty influencers and Gen Z users love to share their tutorials or makeup looks inspired by the series on social media.

  • US Skinfluencers promote acids on haircare
    • 01/2022
    • BEAUTY

    US Skinfluencers promote acids on haircare

    Acids are a long-time hot topic amongst skin influencers. Yet, they are no longer only associated with skincare products. They’ve started to become a strong asset for haircare product ranges. Salicylic, glycolic or hyaluronic acids are emerging ingredients for hair scrubs and shampoos. For Skinfluencers, they are particularly beneficial to ease itchiness and calm the scalp. They also describe acids as great allies to deep cleanse the hair and eliminate product build-up.

    Juliette David Juliette David


  • ‘#ASMR skincare routine’ gains popularity in China.
    • 11/2021
    • BEAUTY

    ‘#ASMR skincare routine’ gains popularity in China.

    Chinese users increasingly regard skincare as a guesture of “self-care”: a way not only to take care of skin, but also to release the mental burden after a hectic day. In this context, “ASMR Skincare” is emerging in China. ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) is a relaxing sensation that begins on the scalp and moves down the body. Also known as a "brain massage," it's triggered by placid sights and sounds such as whispers, crackles, etc. Videos recording these kind of sounds can be found on the social sphere and have become very popular over the last few years.

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