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    Consumers express themselves freely and spontaneously. We do not use questionnaires or research panels in our analysis.
    Qualitative verbatims, photos, videos, drawn from various social media sources.
  • Significant volumes of data, in real time
    Our analysis is based on representative samples of consumer mentions, collected in real time, and filtered with artificial intelligence tools.
  • An international vision
    Our platforms gather consumer mentions from all over the world. Over 80% of our research is carried out simultaneously in multiple countries.
  • Fast turnaround times
    The easy access to data and the agility of our processes allows us to deliver results in a few weeks.
  • Recommendations and support
    Several meetings (from kickoff to delivery and presentation) to better advise and overcome concerns.


  • Hard seltzers are starting to spark interest amongst French beverage fans
    • 07/2021
    • FOOD

    Hard seltzers are starting to spark interest amongst French beverage fans

    Since 2019, hard seltzers conquered Americans’ hearts. We notice that some French expert users are already sharing their excitement. US consumers associate benefits to hard seltzers that correspond to two major consumer trends in France:
    The low alcohol trend: with an alcohol rate of 4% to 6%, hard seltzers are the perfect “low-alcohol” alternative to beer and wine.
    The healthy drinks trend: as they only contain a few calories, hard seltzers are a “healthier” alternative to soft drinks and suitable for diets such as Keto.

    Paul Gibot-Leclerc Paul Gibot-Leclerc

  • Chlorophyll is the new green gold on social media
    • 06/2021
    • FOOD

    Chlorophyll is the new green gold on social media

    Chlorophyll became the new miracle ingredient on social media. With more than 298 million views for this topic on TikTok in less than 2 months, the ingredient has exceptional success in the US and to a smaller extent in France.
    Although, medical experts on social media are still dubious about the “miraculous” benefits of the chlorophyll, younger users (15-25 yo) rave about the benefits of the ingredient on their skin.
    Several health benefits are underlined like reducing body odour or stress, and increasing the amount of oxygen in blood cells. Few brands have seized the opportunity, despite chlorophyll products selling out, even on Amazon.

    Paul Gibot-Leclerc Paul Gibot-Leclerc

  • Smart fridges : bringing families together in the kitchen
    • 04/2021
    • HOME

    Smart fridges : bringing families together in the kitchen

    In the US, connected fridges aren't just a screen used for managing food purchases or giving recipe ideas. New functionalities are game-changing for families and people are taking advantage of them to draw their kids into the kitchen, listen to music and enjoy some time together whilst cooking. Smart fridges can enhance busy moments in the day like breakfast or evenings. Connected home tools appear to be a real means to gather the family in the kitchen that is increasingly becoming "the place to be" in the house. For parents, this is the major reason to invest in smart fridges.

    Paul Gibot-Leclerc Paul Gibot-Leclerc

  • US skinfluencers promoting gentle beauty
    • 04/2021
    • BEAUTY

    US skinfluencers promoting gentle beauty

    'Skinfluencers' or 'skin gurus' such as Hyram, Dr. Dray or Dr. Shereene Idriss are becoming increasingly more influential in shaping consumer perceptions of what makes a good skincare product. This phenomenon plays an important role in accelerating the growth of the ‘gentle beauty' dimension of clean beauty among consumers.

    Alix Dona Alix Dona

    • 03/2021
    • FOOD

    "Retro-olfaction" : The pleasure of taste and flavor without calories

    The German brand air up has recently launched a new water bottle that lets users experience flavored-water without all the sugar or additives. This concept is based on the biological connection between the nose, mouth and brain. When users drink the liquid through the straw, air bubbles are flavored and this fools the brain into experiencing taste. Several German and Dutch influencers showcase the product and consumers are starting to talk about it on Instagram and TikTok where #airup's posts gather more than 58,5M views.

    Paul Gibot-Leclerc Paul Gibot-Leclerc

  • Amorepacific – the very first refill station from a large beauty company
    • 03/2021
    • BEAUTY

    Amorepacific – the very first refill station from a large beauty company

    Amorepacific, the largest beauty company of Korea, has taken a huge step in a sustainable direction. The company has released the very first "refill station" in the Amore Store at Gwanggyo. Low-plastic bottles, made from coconut fiber are provided and filled for you by the shop team, with the product of your choice. Very few consumers are talking about it for the moment. However, they highly appreciate the fact that a large beauty company started promoting sustainability in the beauty industry.

    Hyunah Lee Hyunah Lee

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