We are smart tech

Humans must make decisions.
At Dynvibe IT, we create solutions that positively serve decision-makers.

  • Big data & AI

    Technologies are taken seriously at Dynvibe.

    Big data combined to AI are our playground. We use them to speed up our data collection and find what humans can’t

  • International Coverage

    Dream bigger.

    We collect social media data generated by people all over the world. Any subject, anywhere.

  • Facts & Figures

    Decisions cannot be based on a gut feeling alone.

    One needs to demonstrate, measure, compare. We therefore secure strategic decisions by providing quantitative data and ‘no-bullshit’ facts

  • Actionable Insights

    We truly support decisions-makers.

    Our solutions provide more than just data and figures. We deliver meaningful and actionable insights that fully answer the ever recurring ‘And now what’ question

We design solutions for decision-makers

At Dynvibe IT, we believe technologies are there to assist us,
rather than overwhelm us with (excessively-) big data and (more-) fancy dashboards.
We use and develop powerful technologies to create smart Social Media Intelligence solutions that enlighten decision-makers.


    We unleash the power of social data with our innovative and bespoke social listening platforms: Dynvibe SPHERE and Dynvibe LIVE


    We LOVE technology and constantly invest in our technological stack to guarantee the fluidity of our services and collect maximum data at exceptional speeds!


    We don't like working alone!
    Our R&D projects have been backed by major actors and renowned technical experts since 2015


1. Our Solutions

People speak out on social media and deliver powerful insights. Our mission at Dynvibe is to make those comments visible, quantifiable and actionable for you.

We are the proud developers of 2 Social Media Intelligence platforms, SPHERE and LIVE. Both complement each other perfectly to answer our clients' business questions with one same goal: to extract key information for your business from massive amounts of data in the form of raw, spontaneous, online consumer conversations.

Thanks to SPHERE and LIVE, we are able to sift through big data, using a mix of artificial intelligence and guided human analysis, and produce actionable insights for our clients.

Want to be a step ahead of the game? Get ready to dive in!



With Dynvibe LIVE, we help you unveil the "real person" behind the consumer persona



Consumers speak out on social media and deliver powerful insights. We listen to them!



Our online community tracking platform

Our unique & innovative platform, Dynvibe LIVE, enables us to identify & analyze tribes on Social Media through a wide 360° lens.

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • With Dynvibe LIVE, we help you unveil the "real person" behind the consumer persona

    • Man
    • 29 years old
    • Upper Class
    • Urban
    • Hip Hop
    • Video Games
    • Runner
    • Vegan
    • Street Art
    • Lisbon
    • Black Mirror
  • Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Dynvibe LIVE allows us to segment consumer targets by looking into:


      Details on each segment (socio demo, motivations, frustrations, goals...)
      Quantification of each segment


      Details on their lifestyle, interests, most mentioned topics, hashtags...


      Most mentioned retailers, brands & products & sources of influence

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    Tribe analysis

    Gain instant access to a deeper, more holistic understanding of your consumers or other communities. LIVE, our audience-centric listening tool focuses on the entire social conversation of your target customer, giving you a broader understanding of their behaviors



Our smart Social Media Monitoring platform

Our proprietary Dynvibe SPHERE platform tracks conversations about your brand, your products, your competitors, or any other topic that may be strategic to you.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Amazon
  • Sinaweibo
  • Tmall
  • Xiaohongshu
  • Zhihu
  • RSS
  • And more
  • Placeholder

    Dynvibe SPHERE enables us to unveil the following:

    • What are people talking about?
      Volume, most frequent words, posts labelled by impact score & sentiment, seasonality
    • How do they talk about it?
      Sentiment analysis with detail by keyword
    • Where do they talk about it?
      Conversations by channel
    • What are the main topics of discussion?
      Possibility to tag & categorize by topic
  • Placeholder

    Data analysis core features

    • Access to the entire content.
    • Automatic sentiment analysis (multilingual) and manual reallocation option.
    • Automatic classification of conversations by theme and subject.
    • Analysis of the most active topics by theme and subject.
  • Placeholder

    Advanced dashboard

    • Trend analysis (changes in conversation volumes, sentiment analysis, most active periods, breakdown by platform, breakdown by gender, etc.).
    • View trending conversation topics, and the most used terms.
    • Compare your performance with the competition's (share of voice, most active platforms, themes covered)

2. Our technologies

Technology is taken seriously at Dynvibe and we are constantly investing in our technological stack.

We use the most popular frameworks to train machine learning and deep learning models, guarantee the fluidity of our services and make the most of our data for our Insight Crafters.

We LOVE technology and constantly invest!

  • +70M

    We play big

    70+ million social media posts analyzed and automatically updated everyday

  • 2500

    We drive fast

    We index up to 2 500 pieces of information per second, thanks to Elasticsearch

  • 80%

    We love R&D

    Our research & development program represents 82% of our workload


    Deep Learning & Machine Learning help us find what humans just can't


    We play with trend predictions and weak signal detection, in different languages, on a worldwide-level


    We use internal servers with RTX 2080 TI GPU and external servers with Tesla T4 GPU for computer vision


    Google BERT, spaCy, fastText... are some of the frameworks used to deliver amazing features


    We use recognized CNN such as ResNet or VGG-16 as our own developed neural architecture perfectly adapted to our research

3. Our partners

We've been loving shaking market research and consumer knowledge era since 2009 by providing our Insight Crafters & clients with innovative & powerful web listening platforms.

As technology is a fast-moving ecosystem, we are massively investing in Research & Development and hate working alone! Our projects are supported by major actors, technical partners (IT experts or technology providers). Thanks to them, and our financial supporters, we achieve major changes each year to create Social Media Intelligence solutions that are redesigning the consumer-centric era.

Want to join the Team? Keen to bring your support to our roadmap? Welcome aboard!

Our R&D projects are supported by major players

  • We work hand-in-hand with researchers & engineers specialized in big data and artificial intelligence fields.
  • Our IT Lab teams up with the CATIE wizards to make magic (Centre Aquitain des Technologies de l'Information et Electroniques).
  • Google Cloud & AWS are our partners.
  • BPI France, the French government’s main vehicle to finance R&D investments, has been supporting our research and development efforts since 2015.
  • As we work from France, we're also supported by the Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

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