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We partner with clients all over the world, from the UK to Korea and Brazil. 80% of our projects are multi-country studies, produced with the support of our network of 80+ local experts.


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  • Your study allowed us to make a giant leap and identify excellent communication opportunities. It's not about talking about us, but rather finding what resonates with our consumers. Your recommendations were extremely helpful in that respect, because they were concrete, with ideas on how to execute on them. Marketing Director
  • What I love about your work is the level of analysis, the consulting side to what you do, the data visualization, the matrixes. It really helps to put things in perspective. It's nice to know the numbers, but what do I do with them? Your analysis helps greatly. CMI Director
  • All the topics you presented are extremely interesting. Your insights are very clear-cut, and extremely helpful in our mission to brief the R&D labs: it is exciting for them to hear about the benefits that consumers are expecting, it triggers ideas immediately. As for our brand teams, it gives them so many ideas of angles to explore depending on consumer expectations, trends... Research & Innovation – L'Oréal Japan
  • I want to thank you for your outstanding support throughout this study! We repositioned and adjusted a lot of things based on the results and recommendations from your report. Many thanks! CMI European Fragrances
  • Weblistening is underestimated by many, yet it is an extraordinary resource. Your study is of a very high standard, helping us to brief the R&D labs, and to convince the rest of our departments how critical the methodology is when addressing our major strategic topics. Research & Innovation – L'Oréal

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