From pioneer to leader

Dynvibe was born from the certainty that social networks were going to change the relationship between brands and consumers. We were the first to realize that brands need help to analyze, understand and make the most of what people spontaneously express on social media, at an international level. We have great ambitions to assist more brands worldwide in understanding the customers needs.

  • 2009

    Sea, sun
    and Social Media

    The Dynvibe story started 17 000 km away from France, on a morning walk on Bondi Beach, with a take-away coffee in hand. Sounds cliché, but it's 100% true! Our SMI platform Dynvibe SPHERE was the first brick in the building.

  • 2011

    Intensifying the voice of the consumer

    At that time, brands only focused on monitoring their reputation. But consumers were already yelling out strategic insights. We created Dynvibe Intelligence to help our clients better understand their customers and their market.

  • 2023

    Dynvibe leader
    in Social Intelligence

    Slowly but surely, Dynvibe has established itself as the major player in Social Intelligence in France. Our ambition is now to become the key player in Social Intelligence internationally.

The team

For the past 10 years, Dynvibe has built a strong team of international and passionated talents who love to work as a pack. Sabrina from China, Sierra and Mae from the US, Finlay from the UK, Hyunah from Korea, etc… the entire world is in our office and we love it!

Our corporate culture revolves around multiculturalism, excellence and sharing. That’s why we asked our team of analysts what makes them want to come to work every morning and here’s a little snippet of their answers:

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Vibrations by Dynvibe

We've just launched our new podcast!
Each month, join us for a discussion on the latest trends and consumer behavior shifts we explore in our studies.


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