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Multifunctional stick balm : a new go-to anti-aging solution in Korea

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  • AuthorHyunah Lee

Multi-functional stick balm (also called «ampoule stick balm») is a highly concentrated serum stick that targets dry and wrinkled areas and is rising in Korea since last year. This versatile moisturizer is seen as a real skin glow enhancer and wrinkle remover by Korean people. Many local brands (Kahi, Missha, d’Alba, AHC, …) already seem to be joining the stick balm game.

Indeed, many Korean consumers enjoy using it not only as a daily/nighttime moisturizer but also to touch up their moisturizer throughout the day. Thus, they highly appreciate how convenient it is : easy to carry and apply. Some also find it is the easiest anti-wrinkle solution for eyes and neck area.

Furthermore, the product is also loved by some international K-drama fans (in the US, France, Germany, Spain…) who discovered it in their favorite TV show. They appear to be willing to add this multi-functional time-saving moisturizer to their skincare routine.

They said...

(FR) Kahi multi-balm - Bon j'ai craqué sur ce produit, en le voyant régulièrement dans Yummy cells et Eternal monarch (K drama), mais je suis agréablement surprise par l'efficacité. je l'applique en retouche dans la journée quand je ne porte pas de maquille pour réhydrater ma peau. il est vraiment efficace. donne bonne mine si on le place aux endroits recommandés du visage. rentre dans un sac à main . vraiment pratique. (Retailer website)

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