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‘Morning C, Night A’ - the buzzing skincare routine in China

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‘Morning C, night A’ is a trendy skincare routine that has been buzzing on Chinese social media for several months due to its great results.
Although the ingredients are already widely known within a large audience, this method focuses on incorporating Vitamin C products into a morning routine, then using Vitamin A (retinol) products for the nighttime routine.

Chinese users are flocking to this method as it simultaneously tackles two of their biggest skin concerns: managing skin tone and aging. The brightening and antioxidant properties of VC fight skin dullness and photo-aging while VA improves skin texture and fights aging signs in general.

Users prefer to mix and match brands and products to have a ‘personalized & best fit formula’ as their skin may tolerate varying levels of VC and VA.

Chinese users are increasingly becoming ‘ingredient-driven’ and focused on maximum efficacy. Interestingly enough, both trends were identified as early signals two years ago in our syndicated report "Build-Your-Own Beauty" in the US & France. They are now emerging strongly with Chinese users and are influencing the popularity of this routine.

They said...

(CN) Why use Vitamin C product in the morning and Vitamin A at night? It is because during daytime strong ultraviolet rays accelerates the generation of free radicals, and free radicals can cause skin aging. Vitamin C has strong antioxidant propriety to clear free radicals, thereby reducing the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin, and effectively resisting photoaging. And evening is an excellent time to repair the skin. Vitamin A, as known as retinol, can stimulate collagen regeneration, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, and rejuvenate the skin. (Xiaohongshu)
(CN) Summer is the best time to try out Morning C and night A routine. Using anti-oxidation (Vitamin C) + photo protection cream to have 1+1>2 protection effect. At night, using retinol for anti-aging as well as oil control and anti-acne. A skincare routine that satisfies multiple skin benefits (brightening skintone, lightening acne + acne control + anti-age). (Xiaohongshu)

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