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“Fragrance primers” answer the key lasting need in the US

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  • AuthorAlix Dona

Some products have appeared on the market to meet consumer’s high expectations in terms of scent lasting, while consumers also find ways by themselves to meet this main need. Indeed, their enthusiasm for fragrance hacks through skincare shows that there is great potential for a hybrid fragrance skincare.

On TikTok, the hashtag #fragrancehack generated 19,8M views, and mainly shows consumers who share their hacks for longer lasting fragrance through skincare: they apply vaseline, body lotion, or body oil on their skin before spraying perfume. Their videos for lasting hacks tend to generate between 500k and 2M views. Consumers appear to understand the importance of hydration and skin prep to boost fragrance lasting.

To answer this crucial need of longer lasting fragrance, the brand House of BO has released their new ‘nourishing perfume primer’, a hybrid product at the crossroads between fragrance and skincare. It allows the skin to be hydrated, thanks to the widely known and beloved hyaluronic acid ingredient in addition to helping fragrance last longer. For now, the product only generates a few reactions as it is rather new and niche, however, consumers appear curious and interested as it answers an important need as manifested by buzzing fragrance hacks.

They said...

(US) I need all the boosters!!! Longevity is such an issue with many of my favorites fragrances 😢 (Instagram)
(US) I put baby oil on in the shower so my skin is soft AND holds that fragrance! (TikTok)
(US) I use body lotion that is unscented. then I spray the perfume on the areas where you want the perfume to be. it works all day. (TikTok)

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