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The facial oils trend is hitting China too and has the potential to gain ground in the future

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Using face oil to nourish the skin is a common skin-care method originating in Japan and already popular in Western countries like France and the US. It seems to also appeal to Chinese users now as they are discovering its benefits.

This method focuses on incorporating facial oil into a skincare routine – after a cleanser and before a face cream/serum. It can be used alone, combined with a hydration mask or mixed with skincare or cosmetic products to boost hydration.

Dry and sensitive skin users highly appreciate facial oils as consumers discover they are compatible with human skin and can lock moisture into the skin. However, oily skin types are still more hesitant as they fear it might cause acne or a breakout (a preconceived idea that could disappear with time, as observed in France and the US).

An increasing number of users also seem to be changing their cleansing products to oil-based. Sensitive skin in particular favors oil cleansers over micellar water, not only for the gentle cleansing and hydration benefits, but also to avoid skin irritation from wiping cotton on their faces.

They said...

(CN) For a sensitive skin, oil makeup remover is the best product. It can quickly clean makeup without needing extra tool. The skin barrier will not be damaged by consistent rubbing, that’s the point! (Xiaohongshu)
(CN) I’ve used this oil makeup remover for five years and this has been my holy grail. I am dry and sensitive prone skin, and I don’t like micellar water for the rubbing process can damage and make stratum corneum become thinner. (Xiaohongshu)
(CN) How to use facial oil?, generally, three drops per time are enough for skin type. After your tonic water, put a few drops on your hand, rub it with all your hands, press lightly, and just apply a thin layer. You can not only use it as massage oil, but also to mix it with face cream, or foundation to increase the moisturisation of the product. Of course, you can also add it into a facial mask to build up skin barrier protection. (Sohhu)

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