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“Euphoria-inspired makeup” a bold take from Gen Z in China

  • IndustryBEAUTY
  • AuthorSabrina Lin

“Euphoria”, a hit American teen series released its second season in the US in Jan 2022.Although no official distribution is available in CN, many young netizens follow it through VPNs. They enthusiastically share the storylines on social media: #Euphoria reaches 370M and 45M views on Weibo and Xiaohongshurespectively.

In addition to its popularity, the unique makeup style where lots of glitter, sequins and eye colors are applied, is also a hit on social media. Beauty influencers and Gen Z users love to share their tutorials or makeup looks inspired by the series on social media.

Moreover, international beauty brands like MAC, Byredo beauty as well as local ones such as Girlcult or Gife leverage their visibility by engaging in “Euphoria” campaigns and collaborations.

For Gen Z, the main target audience in the series, makeup is often used as a tool for “self-expression”.As such, this emerging trend of imitiation makeup is an ideal space where they can make “bold” statements and have “fun” experiments freely. Since March, due to recent COVID restrictions, more and more young girls also like the challenge of “ euphoria-inspired” makeup (亢奋灵感仿妆) to spice up their lockdown days.

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