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Canned cocktails are bringing the bar just about anywhere

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  • AuthorHyunah Lee

According to Google Trends, there has been a growing consumer interest in canned cocktails in the UK and US over the past 5 years. The topic also raises conversations on the social sphere, with #cannedCocktail getting 774.8K views on TikTok for instance.

People appear to love this fun and simple way to enjoy drinks everywhere.

Marks & Spencer has launched 14 references of canned cocktails. Ranging from classic cocktails such as Gin & tonic and Martini to 0% diet & alcohol-free gin tonic, they are one of the most visible brands on social media surrounding this topic.

They said...

(UK) London’s first canned cocktail bar… CAN you believe it? 😏#thingstodoinlondon #londondateidea #londonactivities #london #londondrinks (TikTok)
(US) Boat Series: Canned drinks I like for boating/beach! It is 69 calories, 0gram of sugar + 2ingredients and 4.9 % alcohol! #winewater #boatdays #cannedcocktail #fyp #hiltonhead #wineme #boatlife #beachdrink (TikTok)

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